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✨ Take the test with Virtual English and you will receive a AU$175 credit when you Register for the Virtual English Advanced C1 CourseTo be eligible for the Virtual English Advanced C1 English Course your LinguaSkill Test Statement of Results must be CEFR B2 or IELTS 6.

✨ You will receive fast accurate results. 

✨ You can use your LinguaSkill Test Statement of Results to prove your level of English for further study or your job.

✨ You can download your LinguaSkill Test Statement of Results as soon as you have completed the tests, and the tests have been verified by Cambridge Assessment English and TestEd English.

1.  Check your name arrangement carefully:
Your First Name and Family Name will appear on your LinguaSkill Test Statement of Results in this order.

2.  Use one email address per candidate. An email address cannot be shared. A personal email address is preferred ie Gmail, rather than a business address.

🚩 Registrations will be processed during business hours only: Monday - Friday 8 am - 11 am UTC+10 AEST (Brisbane time).

🚩 Register for your LinguaSkill Tests Monday before 10am UTC+10 AEST (Brisbane time) to take your tests before Tuesday midnight.

🚩 If your Preferred Test Date is on a Saturday, then register for your LinguaSkill Test on Friday before 10am UTC+10 AEST (Brisbane time). 

3. Submit two photos, one of your passport and one of the candidate to [email protected] 

🚩 Please ensure that the filename includes the candidate's name and email address, as shown in the example below:

✅ "KarenSole [email protected] 1" for the passport photo.

✅ "KarenSole [email protected] 2" for the candidate photo.

4. After Virtual English receives your registration, photo ID and Statement of Results, you will be emailed a link to schedule a short online interview as close as possible to your selected day and time.

** Please make sure there is adequate time between your short online interview and your registration date.

5. Failure to complete the short online interview will result in the cancellation of your registration, with no refund issued.

 👉 For bulk registration requests, please email Virtual English [email protected] 

What you'll get?

✅ Practice tests to familiarise yourself with the test
✅ Cambridge resources to help you
✅ Free online sample tests
✅ Preparation videos
✅ Online practice

 LinguaSkill General Practice Tests

✅  LinguaSkill General Reading & Listening Elementary
✅  LinguaSkill General Reading & Listening Intermediate
LinguaSkill General Reading & Listening Advanced

LinguaSkill General Sample Tests

✅ Take the LinguaSkill General Reading & Listening Sample Test
✅ Take the LinguaSkill General Writing Sample Test
✅ Take the LinguaSkill General Speaking Sample Test

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