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Let's look at an 8% referral fee for each registration

👉 LinguaSkill tests for your onshore clients in your fully invigilated meeting room(s) AU$11.20

👉 Cambridge EMPOWER 2nd Edition Advanced C1 English 12 Week Course with Virtual English AU$260.00

You may know friends, colleagues, education agents, or professionals in recruitment agencies or counselling services who work with onshore clients. They could benefit from becoming a Virtual English Affiliate Partner.

For more information, recruitment or education agencies are invited to email [email protected]  


🎓 Jane

One of the most satisfying online Linguaskill business we have worked with: Virtual English

Ever since the pandemic, most of the businesses have been moved online, and it is always a race against convenience for us to select the best services that could seamlessly assist them virtually. Satisfyingly, out of so many online institutions we have worked with, I am pleased to share my enthusiastic endorsement to services provided by Virtual English. 

  1. Efficient and convenient registration: Virtual English with its user-friendly platform has allowed us to simplify the registration process, allowing students to have a smooth examination journey. It allows students to take in anywhere they want, which becomes an added advantage for a service to us to provide to students. 
  2. Supportive team & kind owner: Karen has been a kind, responsive & down-to-earth owner that always answers to our questions promptly. Her team are able to resolve our questions whenever we are encountered with any. 
  3. Affiliate rewards for agents: Unlike any other institutions, Virtual English has been rewarding the affiliate with commission on students that signed up for their course. This win-win situation are favourable for our long-term collaboration. 

I wholeheartedly recommend Virtual English to fellow education agents and students seeking a reliable, supportive and efficient platform for Linguaskill exams. It has been a huge pleasure to work with your team, and I anticipate greater success for the company's growth. 

🎓 Jocelyn

I am writing to express my utmost satisfaction and appreciation for the exceptional services provided by Virtual English. As an education agent, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Virtual English to facilitate Linguaskill for my students, and the experience has been nothing short of outstanding.

The convenience offered by Virtual English in conducting exams has significantly streamlined the examination process for both my students and me. The user-friendly online platform, Proctortrack has not only made registration and scheduling hassle-free but has also provided a secure and reliable environment for exam administration. The flexibility in exam timings and locations has been particularly beneficial for our diverse student base, ensuring that they can participate in exams at their convenience without compromising on the quality of the assessment.

Furthermore, the support and guidance provided by the Virtual English team have been commendable. Their responsiveness to inquiries, prompt resolution of any issues, and willingness to accommodate specific requirements have greatly contributed to a positive experience for both myself and my students.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly endorse Virtual English for their outstanding services and convenient exam facilities. I look forward to continuing this successful collaboration in the future.